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A Gmail-MacOSX Tip

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Greg has been suggesting that this is a good forum to share brief tidbits of computer wisdom whenever I run across them. (That wonderful resource of Macintosh advice, MacOSXHints, might really be the more appropriate place, and for all I know this hint is up there.)

So, here is a relatively simple, but very annoying, problem: If you use gmail or some other web-based e-mail service with your web browser (say, Safari or Firefox, as opposed to a dedicated mail client like Apple Mail or Entourage, both of which take care of this problem for you automatically), and you try to attach a document to a message, you may well find that the browser will neither save nor send that message. Indeed, it may look like gmail is trying to send the file (with its little red javascript “saving” notice in the top right corner of the window), but it will never complete the task.

If you have been left hanging in this manner, I have an explanation for you (and, as a bonus, a really simple solution too!).