Setting all this up

I have to admit that this description of what it took to set up will be a lot shorter than it would have been if it were not for Dreamhost, our web hosting provider. They provide very effective tools to automagically set up the blogging software (WordPress), discussion forums (phpBB), and even a full-fledged wiki (MediaWiki, the same software Wikipedia uses). Dreamhost’s tools effectively require no configuration beyond giving names to things and deciding where the new service should reside on the hosted disk. So, as a result, we seem to be good to go!

That said, I have installed some of this software before, the old fashioned way, and the hardest part is remembering how to use all the UNIX commands that allow one to manipulate the files (I imagine even there it is not that terrible anymore, what with all the packaging systems the Debian clones have brought to Linux – I had to compile phpBB the traditional UNIX way the last time I did it). These commands are, for the most part, simply combinations of “wget”, “mv”, “cd”, “ls -la “, “chmod”, “chown”, “unzip “,”tar -xvzf”, and, if things go really wrong, “rm -R”…

Although I spent more time than I should have configuring WordPress (its plethora of options makes such tinkering irresistible — and Dreamhost’s php and apache installs seem to be very restrictive, which might explain why some of the backend plugins I was playing with don’t work right now), everything seems to be working right now. The pain to come seems to involve trying to figure out basic policies for everything, like where files go, how to handle new contributors to our network, permissions, and all that administrative minutae.

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  1. max Says:

    welcome to the blogosphere, jem – looking good!

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